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European Council President Van Rompuy calls for reform process in the EU

At a meeting in Brussels, Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council and Jo Leinen, President of the European Movement International (EMI) discussed next steps for the future of the EU. President van Rompuy called for a thorough reform process in the European Union that will take time, but will be necessary in order to make the EU fit for the challenges ahead.

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European Commission shifts from one-sided austerity focus to growth and jobs creation

The President of the European Movement International (EMI) Jo Leinen welcomes the proposals of the European Commission to come forward with a renewed strategy on creating jobs.

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Le Mouvement Européen-France participe cette année à la Fête de l’Europe, les 8 et 9 mai 2012, organisée par la Maison de l’Europe de Paris et la Mairie de Paris sur le parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris.


Faites l’Europe

les 8 et 9 mai 2012

Sur le parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville

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La formation de l’Académie MEI aura lieu du 18 au 24 juin 2012 à Bruxelles.

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European Movement International welcomes official start of European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)


The European Movement International (EMI) welcomes the official start of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). “The ECI represents a new form of collective action on the European level and it could become an important tool to actively engage citizens in the agenda setting of the EU policy-making” says Jessica Chamba, Vice President of the EMI. With the regulation entering into force on 1 April 2012, EU citizens finally will be able to suggest legislative initiatives to the European Commission and to influence political decisions in a more direct way.


The ECI will strengthen democracy in the EU, help to further promote the European Civil Society and contribute to improving the citizens’ identification with the EU by increasing the formation of a broad pan-European public.


In a more involving European Union, the EMI is ready to play a key role in coordinating the interests of Civil Society within the new treaty framework. The EMI will also pay particular attention to how this tool will be used. “The ECI represents a unique opportunity to listen to the expectations of at least 1 million European citizens. It should not be misused against some of the founding principles of the EU, namely solidarity and tolerance between the countries and the citizens”, says Jessica Chamba.


The EMI will therefore be looking forward to the launch of the first European Citizens’ Initiatives and continue to closely monitor if and how the European Commission will take action in order to ensure that this new tool of transnational democracy will gain and receive broad support on all levels and will be used to actively favour the solidarity between European citizens.




The Lisbon Treaty introduces a new form of public participation in European Union policy shaping, the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). The ECI will allow 1 million citizens from at least one quarter of the EU Member States to invite the European Commission to bring forward proposals for legal acts in areas where the Commission has the power to do so. The organisers of a citizens’ initiative, a citizens’ committee composed of at least 7 EU citizens who are resident in at least 7 different Member States, will have 1 year to collect the necessary statements of support. The number of statements of support has to be certified by the competent authorities in the Member States. The Commission will then have 3 months to examine the initiative and decide how to act on it.


To read the approved text on the ECI regulation, please click here


For more information on the ECI register, the rules and how to launch your initiative, please click here

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