French presidential Election

A New Dynamic for a European Growth and Employment Pact?


« The election of Francois Hollande as new French President will bring a new dynamic for a European pact for growth and employment », stated Jo Leinen, President of the European Movement International (EMI). Looking at the economic recession and huge unemployment rates in various Member States, it is obvious that the EU needs a growth pact to complement the fiscal pact.

Leinen asked the EU leaders to decide on such a pact for innovation and investment inEurope on the next EU summit in June. There are several sectors such as intelligent energy grids, modern railways or broadband network where the infrastructure must be improved.

« What is needed now is a sustainable strategy for growth and employment. I call on the EU leaders to give the generation of young Europeans a positive perspective for the future and to show them that the European project is a chance and not a threat », said Jo Leinen.



Editor’s Note: The European Movement International (EMI) is one of the largest pan and pro-European civil society organisation with currently more than 70 Member Organisations, bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises and trade unions.

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