European Commission shifts from one-sided austerity focus to growth and jobs creation

The President of the European Movement International (EMI) Jo Leinen welcomes the proposals of the European Commission to come forward with a renewed strategy on creating jobs.

« I expect the Commission to implement the proposals with the same rigor and devotion that are currently being used to tackle budget deficits. There is a great potential for creating new jobs, particularly in the green economy », said Leinen.

With EU unemployment hitting record levels and grim economic forecasts, the European Commission seems to have recognized that it is time to shift from one-sided austerity measures to new incentives for growth and jobs creation.

The Employment package focuses on the demand-side of job creation, setting out ways for Member States to encourage hiring by reducing taxes on labour or supporting business start-ups. It also identifies the areas with the biggest job potential for the future: the green economy, health services and ICT.

The President of the EMI acknowledges the initiative of the Commission including its commitment to tackle youth unemployment. The European youth suffers most from the economic crisis and more than 50 % youth unemployment inGreeceandSpainand about 22 % in the EU-27 call for no half-hearted measures. The EMI President therefore stresses the urgent need to deliver on youth opportunities and to reduce mass youth unemployment.

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