State of the Union – A new perspective for a Federal Union


« The EMI welcomes the clear perspective for a political union and a European Federation given today by the President of the European Commission in his speech on the State of the Union”, said Jo Leinen, President of the European Movement International (EMI).


“Nonetheless, we are seeking a federal union of citizens and not a federation of nation states, as suggested by Mr Barroso », Leinen added.


« This must be achieved with a true European Democracy, with European Political Parties and more competences for the European Parliament,” said Jo Leinen.


Creating this federation of citizens will require a new treaty. The EMI has been promoting the need for a comprehensive European debate, involving citizens and civil society organisations. The EMI believes that the next steps of European Integration must be discussed in an inclusive way. We demand a new European Convention with the participation of all parliaments, all governments and the European Commission.





Editor’s Note: The European Movement International (EMI) is one of the largest pan and pro-European civil society organisation with currently more than 70 Member Organisations, bringing together representatives from European associations, political parties, enterprises and trade unions.


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